To get an idea of ​​what posture therapy can do for you, I offer free postural analysis. This can be done in 3 ways:

  • online via live video call (Skype, FaceTime or Zoom)
  • by e-mail
  • in person at a practice location

Quick scan online

The advantage of a live video call is that the session can be recorded so that you can watch it again later. In that case you will receive recording rights to record the session yourself on your own computer. In principle, I do not record the session myself. Plan one now! 

What it entails

  • For the online quick scan, you submit 4 posture photos by e-mail. For the guidelines for the pictures, see this page . We can also take photos on the spot via the webcam, but these are usually of much lower quality and this can impact the analysis.
  • The free quick scan takes a maximum of 30 minutes. In it,
    • we will talk about your pain issues or other reason for the posture scan
    • we discuss what you may have already tried through treatments and other therapies
    • we discuss the posture photos you submitted and the differences with the ‘ideal’ postural blueprint for the body.
    • I explain how your posture is related to your symptoms
    • we may do some extra tests to see your mobility and confirm or deny our previous hypotheses
    • we discuss follow-up options. What does it take for you to be pain free, prevent injuries and achieve optimal performance?
  • After this you may have the opportunity to immediately do a (paid) consultation. To allow for this, keep an hour free after the quick scan. We can also schedule this consultation at a later moment.
  • Plan your session now!

Key points

  • Read the instructions about taking photos carefully , because unfortunately I cannot process photos that do not meet these requirements!
  • Make sure you submit the photos at least 2 working days before the quick scan so that there is time to redo them if the first set of photos is not of sufficient quality. I always let you know if the photos are good enough!
  • If you don’t receive a reply to your photo mail within one day I haven’t received them! Sometimes you have to send the photos one at a time as there are limits on some email providers.
  • Also state in the email what your pain issues are and on which side they are located.

Book a free quick posture scan online

Quick scan by e-mail

  1. You send 4 high-quality posture photos : 1 front view, 1 back view, and 2 times side view (left and right). For details see this page.
  2. if you have pain issues, please mention them in the e-mail and always indicate which side of the body each issue is.
  3. I do a free analysis of your pictures and send you the results by e-mail.
  4. I tell you the main deviations I see from the ideal posture
  5. I will tell you what posture therapy can possibly do for you, based on your issues and posture

If you want to do the quick scan by e-mail, send everything to my email address: foto @ houdin gsther apie – herc ules . nl (remove all spaces)

Quick scan at a physical location

At a physical location, everything is as described above for the online option with the only difference that I take the pictures on site instead of you taking and e-mailing them.


For further questions, use the pop-up widget on this page to submit your question via e-mail or whatsapp.

Book your free online quick scan now!