Thanks for visiting my page! I am summarizing some information here. Feel free to share all information (except the IMN offer) with people you know who are having pain symptoms.

IMN offer and getting in touch

In monday’s presentation, I mentioned that IMN members get a special offer, called the ‘free quick scan plus’. Read all about it here and leave your details so I can get in touch with you. This offer is valid until Saturday 6pm Dutch Time and for all IMN members, even if you did not attend the presentation. After the countdown timer hits zero, you can do a regular free quick scan (info here in Dutch). After a quick scan (plus) you have a better insight in your posture and how functional your body is (moving) and how that relates to any symptoms you might have.

Free webinar (Dutch)

Didn’t get a chance to attend the lecture? Or do you want to know more about the method of postural therapy I am using and how to achieve a pain free life without limitations? Come to the free webinar (info and sign up here). The webinar is in Dutch. If you can’t attend at the listed date(s), do still sign up as you will be kept informed of future dates. I am constantly adding new dates. If there is sufficient interest I can do an English one. If you have a group of people let me know.

Free e-book “13 tips voor thuiswerken zonder pijn” (Dutch)

If you want a free copy of my e-book with 13 tips for working at home without pain (in Dutch), click here to leave your details and the ebook will be sent to you.

English blogs

I have written several blogs in English about posture, pain and similar topics. You can find them here. Feel free to share them on social media 😉

Visit social media for videos and tips (English/Dutch)

On my Facebook page I regularly post interesting links and videos which sometimes are in English. Please follow to keep up to date!

Also, follow me on Instagram.

On my YouTube channel, I regularly add new videos, for example of exercises, tips how to sit et cetera. These are usually in Dutch. Subscribe to get the latest videos!

Please let us link on LinkedIn.

Personalized advice

Contact me using the IMN form listed above to schedule a free phone/zoom consultation without any obligation, to discuss the situation of yourself or one of your loved ones. I can give you some advice and point you to some (free) resources to get started.

Working with companies

I also give presentations and do workshops at companies (live or through video conferencing). If you know of a company, own a company or work at a company where you would like to reduce absence due to sickness and improve productivity, let me know. I can do a general workshop (with as much interactive content as you like) or more of a ‘workout’ style where we do exercises geared towards reducing e.g. neck-, shoulder- and back pain.

Exchanges and collaboration

I am a huge fan of working together, collaborating and exchanging services. If you have an idea how to combine our services or simply want to experience posture therapy in exchange for a service you offer, contact me using the IMN form or one of the methods below!

Contact info

Hope to connect with you soon!