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Free Quick Scan:
- Posture Scan by taking pictures and doing some movement tests
- Discussing how your posture relates to your symptoms
- Advice how to fix this

Quick Scan Plus (IMN offer): in addition
- ONE exercise that will help you (do not underestimate the power of ONE custom exercise!)

Quick Scans last 30 minutes and can be done by e-mail, videoconferencing or at one of the physical locations (Amsterdam, Purmerend, Steenwijk).


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Foto Patrick

I'm Patrick, a PAS certified Egoscue Affilate

It is my passion to help people achieve their goals, be it running a faster marathon, improving amateur or Olympic sports performance, or simply getting out of pain or getting on the floor to play with your grandchild.

With as little as 5 minutes per day you can change your posture and change your life!