For the best quality photos, stick to the checklist below, otherwise I can’t accept the photos! PLEASE NOTE: I’m currently getting a lot of photos that don’t meet the requirements. To save your and my time, please read the following carefully !!

Please read these instructions carefully otherwise photos will not be processed.

  • !! Send photos via email , NOT via whatsapp or the like (Whatsapp and other messaging apps automatically reduce/compress the photos; I need the originals at the highest possible resolution)
  • make sure there is enough light
  • have someone else take the photos or use a self-timer or tripod. No selfies!
  • make sure you are completely visible , from head to (including) toes, in all aspects. Make sure that your head or feet don’t ‘fall off’ in one of the views or that the photos are framed too tightly.
  • keep the camera at waist level , otherwise the photo will be taken too much ‘from above’ or from below and it will be more difficult to see the correct lines. If someone else takes the pictures, they probablly will have to get down a little. Kneeling (on a pad/pillow) gives the best shots at waist height.
  • no selfies or pictures in the mirror
  • it is useful to have a reference point behind you, for example a wall or a door (frame) or bathroom tiles. A plain background such as a wall is better than a busy room. Please note: most photos that are submitted have a skewed background where the floor is not straight. I cannot process these photos, so make sure you have a straight background and take the photos again if necessary. Many times the first pictures are not the best!
  • Tip: Your camera/mobile phone often has the option to add straight lines in the viewfinder. If you do that, you can draw these straight lines flush with, for example, the floor or door.
  • use a resolution high enough to see details / zoom in far: set your camera or phone to the highest resolution! A high-resolution photo is several MBs in size and at least 6 megapixels (and much more). Unfortunately, if the resolution is too low, I cannot process the photos . So do not reduce the photos in size in advance and check in advance whether your camera or smart device is set to the highest resolution. With wetransfer you can upload up to 2 gigabytes.
  • take a relaxed stance and do not pose or stand as you think you should but as you normally stand. What you can do is walk back and forth and then stand still without thinking.
  • take 1 photo straight from the front , 1 straight from the back and 2 perpendicular from the side (left and right). Always just look straight ahead. Make sure the photos are taken perpendicular to these positions at 90 degree angles.
  • Recommended clothing: (guideline: the less clothing the better!)
    • Preference by far : underwear only. Barefoot.
    • alternative: wear tight, preferably light-coloured, (sports) clothing that hugs the body tightly. With loose clothing I can’t see enough and I can’t accept the photos. We have to see the contours.
    • the four most important joints (ankles, knees, hips and shoulders) must be clearly visible and preferably also the navel. So no long pants, pull them up to well above the knee.
    • no shoes or socks of any kind (very important), your feet must be clearly visible in all 4 views.
    • for men: without shirt!! if this is not possible, a tight-fitting shirt, preferably without sleeves, of a light color
    • for women as an alternative to underwear: sports bra or top without sleeves (shoulders must be clearly visible), no shirt. No bathing suit because then I can’t see the line at the hip well and the pelvic tilt. Bikini is fine.
    • I cannot process photos with too much clothing because too few conclusions can be drawn from them. The results come from what the trained eye sees. What you can’t see, you have to guess and this does not yield good results. Believe me, no one likes to see themselves in pictures like this but we treat it like a very technical photo, aesthetics do not matter for us.
    • The more clothing, the harder it is to judge the pictures and this affects the quality of the assessment. 

The better your photos meet this requirement, the more I can see and the better the analysis and advice I can give you. Photos that do not meet these requirements will not be processed.

An example of 4 submitted posture photos that meet the criteria can be found below:

voorbeeld fotoanalyse

Technical details

  • send the photos to
  • Do not send the photos via whatsapp, messenger or the like, because then they will be automatically reduced in size. I would like the originals (as large as possible). If you have to use whatsapp, click here to set up the phone correctly
  • send the photos in a common format such as .JPG or .PNG
  • Send the photos as attachments , not in-line in the message.
  • the photos may be a maximum of 10MB each for sending by mail, or a maximum of 40MB in total. However, do not save on the size/resolution . Better to make it bigger than to fit. You can also send the photos in multiple emails. If you want to send more or larger photos, please do so with a service such as Wetransfer.
  • Note that most mail programs (want to) make the photos smaller. Don’t do that, send the original size.
  • Only submit photos of yourself. If you still want to send in photos of others, ask explicit permission first. By submitting photos you implicitly declare that these are photos of yourself or that you have been given permission to send them, as I cannot verify this.
  • you may make your face unrecognizable if you wish. Make sure that the contours of your head remain clearly visible (see example above).
  • all photos are of course treated confidentially and will never be shared with third parties without your express permission.
  • I will ALWAYS send you a confirmation email if I have received the photos. Not the autoresponder but a personal email. If you don’t get a confirmation email assume that there is something wrong and the email hasn’t been sent, e.g. it is too big so try sending them one by one.